Sit Celt1 Movig


Meet Celt

Big strong Lad, lovely boy. Playing with his 'fetches' he wooden stand still.....

A substantial & very good looking 2½ year old, neutered male; Given up only because of the previous owners ill health.

A biddable easy to train youngster, loves to play with a ball & happy to give it up on command, excellent on a lead, calmly walks in a pack situation. Traffic and noise does not bother him - he was raised as a 'townie'.

Happy to be groomed; in fact loves any attention, extremely people friendly, would make a wonderful companion dog. Loves the car, & travels well. He would best suit a home as an only dog.

He's a typical Rott. & a great dog... OOOO, but he's not too keen on our feline friends though!

My Favorite walking companion has found his forever people and I am so glad!


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