Minnie Rott



Minnie, a smaller bitch but not short on personality

A 12 month old 'mini-rott',
Unspayed (hasn’t had a season yet), and with full tail. Affectionately known as Minnie-mouse, see her red and white spotted 'Disney' collar'. She is a lively thing, good in the house, loves her comfort in the dog-chair, very good with Cats & small dogs, and respects an older dominant bitch.  Living with a male (Dustin) who is too soft with her, and so she takes charge, she may be small but she is very strong minded, and needs a firm hand.  She is very food orientated, will steal from work surfaces if not watched, so that needs working on, eats a meal as though it is her last, but at least now she takes treats gently.  Minnie is ‘work in progress’, but has so much character, you just want to love her.  She walks out on a head-collar, so her pulling is easing, she will sit and wait.  She is Happy to jump into the back of the Car and travels well.
Minnie had had several homes by the age of 8 months, and initially went into a Foster home, as a traumatised, unruly, whirling dervish!   She was successfully worked upon by Michael, and then went up to Ann in Shropshire, 2 months later. She seems now to be a 'Happy' mouse!


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