**Is Rehomed**
roxy sit1 roxy sit Rox recovering


**Is now Rehomed**

An absolutely beautiful looking 6.5 year old bitch, who certainly looks far younger.  She is fit & healthy but not yet spayed, (awaiting a season). 
Roxy is an extremely confident dog and has the ' tee - shirt ' for everything!  She came in with her 3.5 year old daughter Ruby.
The story was they killed a Cat, so were taken to a Vet (not their usual one) to be p.t.s, and as one would hope, the Vet would not oblige. So they went from there to the local Pound, who decided to contact us and of course we were happily able to take this lovely pair in to our care.
They went to Tammany in Essex. It became obvious that Mother & daughter were indeed a pack, so we decided after a couple of weeks of settling in, to split them up.
We cannot verify the supposed Cat incident so we obviously would not allow them to go to a home with felines.  Ruby has recently gone to a new home with a rescued Rott male for company and all is well with her.  
Roxy regularly goes training with Tammany to LASER and is found to be very sociable with both humans and other canines.  She jumps into the car and travels well.  We feel she would be fine with another dog preferably a neutered male.

Roxy, as you can see from the Recovery piccy, has now been spayed (2/6/2017).

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