Kelly is a Medium/small size about 8 years old, she is spayed and a very pretty bitch with a full tail.
Kelly was a real "head case" when she came in to us, stressed out of her mind and unresponsive. Food was the only thing on her mind.
She wrecked her bed and bedding and habitually "shadow chased". She was not used to a lead AT ALL, she also had signs of bites on her head and face and was painfully thin. What a challenge! Well things have improved enormously .
With a routine, a natural diet (she's actually put on weight), Homeopathic remedies for her stress, firm, yet sympathetic, handling and training and not least, a sound male Rottweiler companion to share her kennel space, Kelly is actually looking happy!
She loves to spend time in the house and it's obvious she knows how to go upstairs.

We can't, or don't want to, imagine what has happened to this bitch in her short life,
other than her very traumatic capture, which involved the local police and a suggestion
by them to TASER her as she dived under a car in her fear and panic. It took dog wardens with catch poles and patience to get her out.
She was originally spotted, by a motorist, wandering along the grass verge of a very busy road and he feared for the dogs safety. We are confident she will make a good recovery.

Photo update June 2013 and just look at the change!
Romping in the wildflower meadow with her friend Carl.

Kelly is transfered to Long term in February 2015

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