Memphis is now ready for his forever home.
He is 17 months old and castrated. He has been in foster for a while and the foster mum says that....
"Memphis has been living with myself, my husband and our five Rottweilers since September and has been a dream to look after.
He has both toy and food manners and is very polite around both, he especially loves to play with you with his toys. He can be a little bit bouncy as he is a super confident boy, but continued training and channeling will tame this .
Memphis travels well, and settles nicely in a crate both overnight and when we are not there.  He is very well behaved off lead and his recalls have been very reliable (always rewarded). He can be very strong on a lead, but walks lovely with a dogmatic.

Because he has come from a home where he was hit, his training should all be reward based and he responds very well to this. He can shy away from sudden hand movements.”

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