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Healing well after her op. And Just vlook at me now with my big smiley face on !!

Meet Cassie. A Young bitch, She was in a pound near the end of her stay, swollen and with a bloody discharge she was spotted as needing rescue! Cathy Holding recognising a possible Pyometria, took it on herself to find funding for the required medical care and for a proper rescue organisation.

Operation sorted, RIN took her in and she is now in our charge. She didn't want to come easy and started by showing everybody her nice set of teeth, gave the folks trying to help little choice but to use the 'POLE'. Anyway, that experience is now over, and Tammany is wielding her magic wand filled with a fresh charge of TLC - already the change is apparent. So when we have fully assessed Cassie, she will be ready for her forever home.

Update on this lovely girl;

November 2023 She has comne so very far, Tammany has really worked wonders on her. Cassie goes training every week and out with the lady’s dog Walker and with other dogs for socialising.

She is ready for the right Forever home and she really deserves a nice one!


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