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Meet Jessie

Another small 'Pocket - Rott', very pretty, well put together, spayed bitch of around 18 months old. She came in to us from Romania, rescued from a life of being just tied up and living outside, by Ioana Marascu who works tirelessly to help the many animals in distress out there.
So Jessie of course has her own Pet Passport!  She loves humans & craves affection. Can be a touch excitable and is high energy.  She adjusted very quickly to her new surroundings, is becoming fluent in English!  She will sit and wait. When introduced to an older bitch was very submissive & treated her with utter respect and was very good around an old terrier bitch. She lives happily with a 2 year old male, although she initially drove him mad wanting to play all of the time, that has now tempered.  She now walks nicely on a lead and is quite happy wearing a head-collar. Walks out with an 'on lead' pack & is calm & controlled.  Jessie has gotten used to traffic, even heavy tractors. If she comes across things that are unfamiliar, she weighs it up and sometimes investigates, but then moves on.
I would not imagine she has ever lived in a house; nevertheless she is spotless in her kennel. She is very food motivated, which is a great aid to training.  With some work & patience she will make a good little dog.  She happily jumps into a car and she is interested in Cats in a puppyish way, but doe's not show malice towards I am confident she would adapt.

A forever Home has found Jessie...


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