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Bella came to Rottweilers in need last September, having been used as a breed bitch on a traveller’s site. Any normal household noises were alien to her, treats were an unknown quantity. Street noises were tolerated.

Very overweight, she was put on a Raw Diet with an appropriate amount of food, her weight is now manageable at 36 Kgs from the 51 Kgs she was, and a suitable weight for spaying which has now been done.

She is gradually becoming accustomed to home life with Gill Berry, who is fostering her. When she went to Gill, she was completely silent, but she has just started to greet the family in the mornings with a whimper. Bella is now most relaxed when she is out enjoying her walks, making excited whimpers when she knows its time to go.

Although there is improvement and she is starting to take notice of more things indoors, there is a long way to go before we will be looking for her forever home.

We do, of course, have to mention the folk who foster: correct rehabilitation, diet and care are their bye words and we are so very grateful for our 'friends who foster'.

And of course, we wouldn't be able to afford to care for these lovely dogs if it were not for your donations - Thank you.

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