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All Enquiries to :-

Sue Lunt Please.

Please do not ring outside of our office hours

**0900- 1600**



Phone Sue 0151 523 3880

To Email Sue Click here

Please confine telephone contact to between 0900 and 1600

Printable forms are here

Please sign and return a completed form to the address on the form

before making a telephone contact about adoption.

Click here to download an adoption application form

Once your screen shows the form, simply right click in a blank area and choose print.

If you prefer to download the file; right click in the box and 'save as'

It is important to fill out the forms with care.


And, a little about the adoption process....................






Having got this far, you will know something about us.   In order to adopt one of the dogs in our care, we should like to know a little about you.
We consider all applications and act on our assessment of you, your home and abilities.
When you apply to adopt one of our dogs, you will be asked to fill in an 'Application to Rehome a Rottweiler' which you can read and
print by clicking here, complete the form IN FULL adding any detail you feel would help us to decide.
The completed form should then be returned to Sue Lunt at the address on the form. Please don't email the form, we need the hard signed copy. 
You will then be contacted to arrange a home visit by one of our nominated persons, we are not looking for show homes but we do want a safe
environment for the dog, you and your family. If we then feel you are a suitable forever home, we would make you an offer of a
dog or dogs that fit with your application criteria.
We do prefer to match you to a dog, and we would offer you whatever choices we feel to be appropriate,
taking into account your own preference after you visit the dog.
A completed form does not imply acceptance neither does a home visit.

Should everything be tickety boo, and you and the dog adore each other; We would require you to sign a 'condition of transfer form' (see below)
before releasing the dog to your care.

That the new owner should keep in force an insurance policy against any claim in respect of the above
Rottweiler. Insurance should cover Veterinary Fees and Third Party Liability. Should you not take out
insurance cover, then you agree to pay for any treatment/claim in relation to your adopted dog. Rottweilers In
Need cannot be held responsible for any costs once the dog is transferred into your care.
That should they, for any reason, be unable to keep the Rottweiler, it will be returned to Rottweilers ln Need.
That they will notify the Police and Rottweilers In Need within 24 hours, should the Rottweiler become lost or missing.

That they will not, or allow anyone else, to use this Rottweiler for experimental purposes,
nor shall it be kept chained or tied.
That an authorised officer of Rottweilers In Need be allowed to visit your premises from time to time, with of course,
reasonable prior notice, and be allowed to reclaim the Rottweiler, should they not be satisfied as to its welfare.
That the owner shall comply with any laws and regulation as laid down by the Government in respect of Rottweilers.
That this Rottweiler will not be used for breeding, any financial gain or any purpose that could be deemed
detrimental to the breed and:
If a bitch she will be spayed, the obligatory spaying certificate be completed and
returned to Rottweilers In Need within six months of transfer.
If a dog, he will at no time be used at stud.
At no time shall two entire males be kept together.
That Rottweilers In Need will be notified of any change of address or telephone while the dogs is in your

We care deeply about the welfare of the dogs in our charge and we only ever allow them to be adopted
to homes that we have approved. logo designed and copyrighted by Hils Illustration


For more information on the process of adoption then please click here.
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