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Blitzen came to us from Cyprus – he was in a high kill pound. He apparently belonged to a farmer who got fed up with him, and dumped him along the highway. This is the fate of many dogs apparently. Blitzen is around 7 years old, has a docked tail and has been neutered. We are not sure how he was treated before, but he has a lot of broken and missing teeth, and we believe he was kept tied up in the pound day and night.
One of our supporters, Julie Dulrose, who visits Cyprus frequently and helps out at the dog pound in Cyrpus, asked us if we could help him, she also paid for all of his costs, blood tests, neutering vaccinations and air fares to get him safely to us. 
Blitzen, although older, is full of beans, he is lively and loves going a long walk. He is very foody, which is making his recalls much easier for us to train, and he is now getting really good. He sits, downs and does a stay, - we are only up to 2 paces away at the moment.  He is eager to please, a little too much so at times, and his rudder never seems to stop. He has been playing in the paddock with a couple of Rottweiler bitches, Rula and Rosie, and has been fine, although he is very much a people dog, and is over the moon to have a visitor coming to see him. He has also been walked out with Dolly, one of our rescue girls, as well as a bulldog bitch called Roxy and has been really good with them too. 
Blitzen is clean in his kennel, loves his food, a nice walk and to be told he is a good boy. He is fine being groomed and although travels very well, isn’t keen to get in a vehicle, but will oblige for a tasty treat.
Kim Cussans for RIN.

Blitzen is rehomed

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