A 5 year old spayed girl who was bred in Ireland and she is docked.
Her owner has had her and her Jack Russel friend since a puppy and he spent a lot of time with her, she has been well socialised and knows all the basic commands, even how to play dead!
Unfortunately he has had to move and is unable to take his dogs, the jack Russel went to a family member and Charlie, otherwise homeless was taken in by Rottweilers in Need. 
Not having her owner of 5 years around and finding herself in kennels was a bit much for Charlie to start with and she has taken time to settle and relax .  Charlie travels well and walks nicely on the lead, she is house trained and used to being left for short periods.  Charlie can come over as very serious at times and she has one of those expressions that can be difficult to read but she has a softer side and is so focused on her handler when she is training, desperate for that one to one she once had.  I’m sure she will make a wonderful companion for that special person who can understand that restarting with someone new after being so attached to your previous owner can be tough and will take time but be so very rewarding.
Tammany Simkin
N.B. Charlie is kennelled near Southend-On-Sea.


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