Dolly Dumpling - came to us from a high kill dog pound in Spain along with her Son, Carlos.  Dolly is a docked bitch around 5-6 years old and she is spayed. 
Dogs from other countries are treated very differently to those in the UK.  Dolly has just been left to wander the perimeters of the property and basically do her own thing.  She is however, really good on the lead now, and loves going for a walk.  We are working on teaching her English, and teaching her some basic commands.  She is coping very well, and is happy and willing to please. 
Dolly, like her son, has a very strong chase instinct, and therefore cannot go to a home where there are any small furry or feathered pets!  She does appear to get on ok around other dogs and could be rehomed with a male, and will need someone who can continue with her training.
Dolly is a joy to be around, calm, friendly and self-assured.  She enjoys being groomed and travels very well.   There is nothing she likes more than to have a huge fuss after her walk, and a few treats only  - she is on a little bit of a diet, as she was more dumpling than Dolly at one stage. 


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