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Leon Is an 'Older' Boy around 10 at a guess..

Just before Christmas, he was found tied to the gatepost at a dog pound with a can of food!

Luckily a temporary foster was found since there was no room at the 'Inn'.

He was lame on his legs and required immediate veterinary treatment. It was diagnosed as very bad HD and ED (Hip and Elbow displaysia), he was understandably a bit on the grumpy side. It is fairly obvious that no treatment had been given for some time.

He has also been poorly with a vestibular episode, but he is rallying to treatment and eating pork pies!

Leon is now in the charge of RIN, in long term care.

We think he is obviously going to be there for some time, So sponsorship would be very helpful folks.

Click a donate button and add 'for Leon's care' to the donation and we'll know where you would like the donation to go. Or you can download and fill out a DDM for regular sponsorship donations for him, again, just add 'for Leon's care'.

Thank you for any help...


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