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Here is some info on Libby who is turning in to such a lovely girl, she will quickly bond with a new owner, the only thing she needs is someone to protect her from dog lovers who can’t resist saying hello by going all over her head. I’ve not had an incident with her, she has greeted everybody and accepted them but I don’t let people go straight in, hands everywhere!
All my walkers have started with loop lead until she is comfortable and she is a firm favourite with them all now, very affectionate, she can still get startled but recovers quickly......
Beautiful Libby,

she is coming up for 2½ years old.
Libby is a Playful, affectionate and friendly girl who in general is very good with other dogs of all breeds. 
Libby is re-learning her basic commands in English after being brought up in Spain - I believe as a breeding bitch - until her services were no longer needed. Libby, along with all the other dogs at her kennels, were taken to the local pound. Rottweilers in Need stepped into rescue them.
If Libby is given a little time to get to know people she quickly builds confidence but has obviously had some very scary experiences in her past and can be jumpy, She is especially unhappy with strangers over-handling, especially around her head, and she will still cower with sudden movements in strange surroundings. But she loves food and is quickly won over, and once she trusts you,'WOW' you couldn’t wish for a better dog.
She is coming along in leaps and bound with every positive experience. At LASER training, she is a big hit getting on with the other dogs, doing her sits and downs and meeting lots of new people.
She travels well and has been used to some long journeys.
Tammany Simkin.

Libby is Kennelled near Southen-On-sea.

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