Lily Is rehomed

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Lily sitting with kennel mate Rue. (Pronounced Roo)!

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A pretty bitch, referred to affectionately, as our 'Pocket Rott' being of Lilliputian proportions, for those unfamiliar with Gulliver’s Travels, it means SMALL.  She stands just about 18" at the shoulder.  We estimate she is around 4 - 5 years old; she is very people friendly, affectionate, and loves cuddles.
She is good with all male dogs large or small, although she can take exception to some ‘gobby’ Rott bitches.  Walks out in a mixed pack regularly and is calm, disciplined & happy.  Although at first she was a touch shy of heavy traffic, she is never fazed over bikes, joggers or other dog walkers.
Lily loves the car, she is very agile and leaps in, and she travels well. Lily was picked up as a stray, with no micro-chip, so we have absolutely no history on her.
Lily took a while to settle away from whatever her previous life was and we eventually spayed her last November.  It is obvious she has lived in a home, very happy to come in and settles down, and she has no problems tackling stairs!   We feel sure she would be fine living with a small dog....and she is also amazingly Cat friendly.

**And Lily is Now Rehomed**

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