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Lola is a 3-year-old and unspayed bitch who came into us as her owner was working very long hours and she was being left alone for far too long.

When she came into us, she was being treated for a mite problem which resulted in fur loss around her eyes. See the inset on the photo;  She has responded well to treatment and the fur is now almost back to normal. 

She was also having a phantom pregnancy, which has now run its course and she is fully back to normal. Lola has lived with a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

Her temperament is wonderful, so friendly with everyone she has met. 

She is also good around both large and small dogs she has met. 

She is a pretty girl with lots of energy and she loves to play and run.  She is quite responsive to training and eager to learn – for the right treats! 

She can be fussy with food, she much prefers being fed raw meat than complete food and doesn’t like biscuit treats – she likes dehydrated liver the best. 

She likes being groomed and loves attention.
She hasn’t lived with young children and we therefore wouldn’t place her in a home with them. 

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