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**Ordy Is Rehomed**

Ordy loves people, he is good with older children and he walks well using a headcollar.

He is in one of our kennel places where he adores all the staff, but he is not happy in Kennels, he simply does not like kennel life, he is a dog that needs to be with people.

Ordy is around four years old, he came to us as a 'time limited' pound dog, with just seven days left in a Norfolk pound.

He knows basic commands and we have successfully tried the recall 'off lead' in an enclosed area.

We would prefer him to go to a home with with older children.

Ordy can be 'unpredictable' with other dogs, so more training in this area, and with small furry animals will be required, but it seems he would love to live with 'small breed' dog since he has gained the attentions of a very nice 'Frenchie' bitch with whom he has struck up a good friendship.

Ordy will excel in the right home environment with an experienced handler.

He is a very loving dog and deserves to be with his forever family sooner rather than later.


***Yay He has his forever Home***


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