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We Believe Roo to be around three years old, he came to us as a very young dog - with some problems - but we seem to have sorted them out.

His diet was less than adequate and we believe his life and treatment were along the same lines!

He is small and kennel life is not helping him gain weight, which he needs to do.

He is not keen on loud people but Roo likes to be loved gently and calmly - no drama please!

He walks well on the lead but appears lost and plods his way; he always picks up on the way home where he appreciates a cuddle but not a smother!

He needs a calm, consistent and patient home.

The consensus of opinion is, once rehomed and beginning to settle, after a few months we would expect him to gain some weight. We feel Roo is not made for kennel life.

And he is now rehomed

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