Carlos came to us from a high kill dog pound in Spain, along with his mum, Dolly.  He is a big, very strong friendly boy, although that would be difficult to believe from the middle photo, this was taken before we managed to secure him with us.  We think he is around 3 years old and he has been neutered.  In Spain, many dogs suffer with a condition called Leishmaniasis – this is spread by sandflies.
  Carlos has this ailment, and he has the 'cutaneous' variety only affecting the skin.  This means he will need tablets for the rest of his life which we will source and supply. He will also require a blood test every 6 months to make sure the tablets he is taking are at the correct dosage for him.  He has responded really well to his treatment. 
Carlos needs someone who will continue with the basic training we are giving him at the moment.  Dogs in Spain are usually kept on properties, just roaming around the grounds left to their own devices, and therefore the UK way of life is very different, many dogs are not even used to being taken for walks for example.   He does have a very strong chase instinct as far as rabbits, cats and pheasants etc. are concerned, so he would definitely be unsuitable to live with any small furry or feathered pets.  
Carlos is adjusting and coming along really well, just compare the photo's the two outside ones are quite recent. He likes his walks, his ball, and enjoys a fuss being made of him.  He likes being groomed and travels well.  He appears to be good around other dogs, and would probably be able to live with a calm bitch. 

And Carlos is Rehomed

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