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William will bill




William is a handsome, large, 10-month-old lively dog. He has a great temperament with people and has loved everyone he has met. 

He loves human contact and is willing and eager to please. 
He came into us due to a relationship split.  He had been living with an older male Rottweiler, and they were exercised mainly in their grounds, so William will therefore need more socialisation with other dogs. 

He now walks out with different Rottweiler bitches and quickly gets used to different situations.  We are now moving onto walking him out with smaller dogs. 

He will also need someone who can continue with his training although he is great at sit, down, and he recalls really well.  He loves being groomed, in fact any attention.

Also we feel sure he would be fine with an older bitch, and he travels well in the car.
William is a joy to be around; he is a happy biddable lad, who, with further input and training will be an amazing dog. 



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