Polly's Head Polly's head Polly's Back

This is Polly
9 yr old bitch with full tail, and spayed.
Another recoverd from lack of proper care.
Suffering from a minor skin condition, severe lesions to the face and some eye damage,through being forced to wear a muzzle to stop her nibbling her itchy skin! Polly had a litter of 12 pups recently but could have had others prior to that, as she was aquired by her previous owners off the site 'Preloved '.
UNLOVED would be a more appropriate name! Her sudden dislike of one of their children resulted in her also spending long periods in a crate which added frustration and boredom to Polly's plight.
Her owner sought help through a local rescue who thankfully referred them to us.

The first photo's are of a 'cleaned up' Polly
having had some TLC to which she responded nicely.

A little later on, transformed - a bit of love, good food and excellent care. Just look at the difference and its very obvious she is so much happier.
And I don't need to write before and after on the photos'!

It was decided to put Polly in our 'Long Term'
Programme in May, still up for adoption but a
'Special Home Only'


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