2008? ~ 2nd September 2016

   Ringo Ringo Ringo Ringo

Ringo came to us in February 2010 from a Local Authority Kennel in South Yorkshire.
The caring kennel girls there had pleaded his case for several months.
They knew his time was running out and, that ' the powers that be' were not
happy to be paying out continually for Veterinary treatment for his Mange.
Ringo was a major challenge for Ann and our Vet.
To the dismay of the latter, the previous Vet had administered steroids which guaranteed
added damage to his already struggling immune system.
To the dismay of the former, his temperament left a lot to be desired,
at times during his early treatment he was severely challenging and applications
of emulsions on his sore skin were administered with the help of 15" BBQ tongs!
We were told that the previous Vet would only treat him when secured by a catch-pole, so this would not have helped the Ringo's attitude. Anyway, as he grew to trust and bond with Ann
and, of course she to him, he became a 'model' patient!
A natural diet did much to build up Ringo's immune system,
and he was finally rid of the itching, scratching and seeping sores.
Homeopathy also played its part. He grew hair back in his little tan areas but not the black, although the skin pigment darkened....we lived in hope!
Ann believes that Ringo was a Guard Dog, kept on a chain, perhaps in some dirty oily yard, fed cheap un-nourishing scraps for food, and with little or no close
contact with human or animal. The first time he went out in the field he went into panic mode! He was not good with other dogs, cats or livestock.

All that changed. Ringo became happy! He even relaxed, he had a waggy tail for all the bitches and some of the males. Panther a big black moggie was totally ignored
and likewise Rebel the Pony.
Ringo did unfortunately suffer a stroke in August 2012, again with the help of Homeopathy he recovered and did really well.

Christmas 2014 - Ringo had a lovely new coat, from the items donated on
our wish list at Amazon, if you would like to see what that is click here.
He also enjoyed the doggie chews from the same list.

Ringo, now a different dog, lived out his days in Shropshire
a far cry from his initial, pitiful existence.
All due to the care and expertise of Ann and the volunteers at RIN,
but enabled by donations from folk just like you.....


---===*R.I.P. RINGO*===---

Thankfully, Ringo was extreme, not every dog that comes to us is in quite such a bad way, but they all need care, good food and shelter.
With your help we can keep providing, but only with the kindness
and compassion and of course donations or sponsorship of people like you
can we continue with this work.

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