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After spending the first year of his life on a chain in the garden he was eventually given up when he was a nuisance!  jumping up at  children when they wanted to play in the garden!
He spent the second year of his life in a very large rescue centre where he did not cope with the large volume of visitors going past every day so was moved to a isolation block which he shared with a female newfoundland who he adored, unfortunately when she was rehomed he found himself alone again and very frustrated.
 Rottweilers in Need were approached to take him on and RIN stepped in to give him the chance of a proper life that he has not yet had.

At first he was very apprehensive of the outside world and everyday indoor things other dogs take for granted, luckily he is also very inquisitive and will keep investigating until he has worked out what things are – simple things a bottle laying in the grass , a ticking clock , a tumble dryer , water running down the plughole! These have all been things Freddie has needed to work out as being safe!

Freddie's excitable nature might give the impression that he is confident but in fact he needs a lot of calm guidance and reassurance.
He also  loves to learn, he loves getting something right and would really benefit from “A hobby” to share with his owner, something to keep him busy, to focus on and increase his bond.  He loves people and is generally very good with other dogs. 

He  is a very affectionate boy who craves attention and contact. Unfortunately after two years of learning that this was only received by stealing things / jumping up and arm grabbing,  it is an ongoing job  to teach him otherwise!

Despite a great improvement all round we do sometimes have relapses of his behaviour normally when frustrated or when with someone new, because of this he will need an experienced confident home that will be able to deal with this.   

Although a home of his own is just what Freddie needs to have a proper life  he will probably find the change stressful.

He has not lived in a home environment before so to help with house training and stealing “new toys” (or so he thinks !) he would probably   benefit from a kennel / own area at first  if he  needed to be left on his own just to avoid accidents and keep him safe.

Freddie has been massively let down by people  so far and just needs that one person to turn his life round for him, it may not be easy but it will be rewarding.

A Note from RIN;

We would prefer Freddie to be homed close to Woodview Kennels at Southend-on-sea so a new owner can have Tammany's valuable support on hand, or a very experienced Rott owner.


Freddie through no fault of his own has come back to us and Tammany felt the need to explain this lovely chaps experience, so please, read on:--


After much happiness that Freddie had found a home, unfortunately he has had to come back to us, although we are all devastated at this we have learnt so much more about him.
Freddie settled into home life really well, he was completely clean in the house and was not destructive even when left, he slept in the utility room with a baby gate up and settled happily, sleeping so soundly overnight he had to be woken in the mornings! He would also go in this room if his owners went out and he would always settle. 
Freddie enjoyed his walks and his training paid off as he walked nicely on the lead and was not phased by traffic, people, children or other dogs (although horses were a bit more exciting!).
He got on very well with the older Rottie cross boy in the house and would happily give up his toys and favourite balls if necessary.  They would play but soon, for reasons we now know, it all became too much for the older boy.
Generally through the day he did well but he found it difficult to relax, in the evening when Mum and Dad wanted to settle down with a cuppa and some TV, Freddie still wanted to play. He would settle straightaway if put in his room but couldn’t seem to switch off while with them.
His adopters perseverd and soon fell for his charms but then unfortunately their other dog was diagnosed with bilateral cruciate ligament problems requiring surgery on both legs with a strict rest and exercise regime. Something that was just not possible with Freddie around, hence, he's back with us and in our long term catagory.


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