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Fynn came to us originally as a 3 month old pup, bought by a young man for himself and partner, then, yes they split up, neither could keep him. He was fostered by one of our volunteers for around a month, and then a suitable home came along.  A couple who had just lost a Rott male and, had a Jack Russell who needed a new canine companion, seemed ideal, and so off Fynn went.

That was October 2007.  All was well for a while and then our Fosterer who saw him regularly, saw him gradually become insecure and unpredictable, he felt it was because Fynn didn’t  know where he stood and was getting mixed messages from the husband and the  wife, they were just not 'singing from the same hymn sheet'!  Anyway to cut a long story short this couple sadly split up, and eventually Fynn came back to us, as is in our Terms of Adoption. 

That was in March 2010. He spent 12 months in our Commercial Kennel facility, he was initially very unfriendly and ill at ease, with Ann being the only one who could handle him intimately, he had to learn new disciplines and forget the old. Then we found something he loved...swimming!  This helped him to relax and let go, so almost every Saturday we took him to a small deepish river and played fetch with plastic bottles, he was in his element (see photo). We had him carrying back packs...hey he had a purpose!

Fynn has now been in our Shropshire Country Kennel since April 2012. Here he has blossomed, he looks happy, he is extremely good with new female inmates, and so he has a new purpose, and is currently sharing his living quarters with a bitch.   Fynn seems to like the structure of Kennel life, he's not happy with touchy feely unpredictable humans, or ones that ball & shout. Fynn will be 10 years old in June and if we never find a suitable human to take him on, he's got a home for life with us.

Because Fynn has a long association with us, he has accumalated quite a few photos

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