Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated so forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........


We had a 'rush on' over the festive period and suddenly everything was full to overflowing.

We called for help and loads of you wonderful folk answered.

We want to list you here when we have had a moment to compile the donations,

until then, please accept our grateful thanks!


Our Kim has come up with this great idea for giving stuff to the dogs, it is quite simple

clicking on this link will take you to a 'wish list' for the dogs in our care on Amazon.

*Link Disabled*

When you get there you can browse the stuff we need for the dogs and pay,
then Amazon will send it to us - Simples -


Say hello to Yeti...

Yeti is the cool dude in the shades
His owner Louise Edwards, learned that one of our rescues, Hudson, needed surgery on his muzzel to remove a tumour,
so she and Yeti, despite him having treatment for a sore leg, decided a sponsored walk would raise some
funds towards the treatment.
Eleven years old and having hydrotherapy for his leg, 'Yet he' and Louise have raised over £300.
Both are doing well and managed the walk it with ease. Anything left from Yeti & Louise's efforts will
go towards Roger's entropian surgery, so keep hitting that donate button please. If you are not sure
how to use it, first find a button, then click it - you may practice as many times as you like :O)
If you want the donation to go for a specific purpose, please make a note in the space provided.

A big thank you from 'Hudson' and all of us at RIN for such a generous result.

Let us know if you have a sponsored 'anything' planned to raise funds for RIN,
we would love to add it to our page.

There have been a few people using the donate button,
thank you very much we are very very grateful to you.

We are very sad to report that Hudson has succumbed to an underlying coronary problem
and we have lost him.


London And South East Rottweilers Show.

Many thanks for the hospitality shown to us by L.A.S.E.R. We had a lot of support here and our
sincere thanks go out to you all.
The early count looks like a lot of help, support, TLC, warmth, shelter, food and medication.
Huge, huge thanks for your generosity from all the dogs and team at RIN.


Oswestry Bargain Bazaar


Thank you for your support if you came to Oswestry on Saturday 26th of October.
Ann, Gwen, Kim and a small army of volunteers again put
on a stall in aid of RIN in the Cambrian Room at Oswestry Memorial Hall.
Despite the unsettled weather, a reasonable number of folk came to swell the funds.
But there are so many people without whom the day would not have been the success it was. 

Ann organised and worked tirelessly, Gwen always seems to be there or thereabouts,
Jane Powell who made the 'first prize' Christmas Cake for the draw,
Carol Roberts from the Heritage centre (see below) generously giving the 'Second prize'
Cream Tea for two at the centre, Lydia at Hobo's floral design for the 'third prize'
of a lovely plant, Landywood Pet Foods for providing the transport for moving the 'tons' of
stuff and John Evans for driving loading and unloading and loading and unloading (whew!).
Sharon Walley who made loads of cakes for us to sell and after loaning us her husband the other week
to jump out of a plane, she got him to deliver them all the way from Liverpool, thank you Mark.
We cannot leave out the folk who did the running about serving customers and keeping it all tidy;
Rosemary Bennett, Sue Lunt, Kim Cussans and Barbara Clark.

These people give so much more than time, what they give eventually equates to support,
food and shelter, warmth, comfort and well-being. We are so proud to have you with us.
Thank you seems to be so inadequate, but just look at the dogs that have been
rehomed or brought back from illness or rescued from terrible fates,
you too should be proud of your efforts.

Big Pats all round I say!

Thanks to you all for taking part.

And for coming to support us!

Ah, we should'a seen this one coming!

At a psychic event organised by Carol Roberts, manager of the Oswestry
Heritage Visitor and Exhibition Centre (Pets Welcome in the Cafe), featuring the all
seeing  Janey Jarvis (psychic medium), the princely sum of £80 was 'raised' to be
divided between RIN and Guide Dogs – I think you must agree, a brilliant 'apparition'.
Thanks to Carol, Janey and Jane Powell too!

Jane Powell
Jane Powell receiving a £40 cheque for RIN from Carol Roberts



The South Western Rottweiler Association Championship Show went swimmingly!

We extend our thanks to the organisers for allowing us to have our stall here.

The venue is excellent with well laid out facilities lending itself to

multiple applications, and it was very kind to our funds.
SWRA1 A Customer! calendars

Thank you very much SWRA.

Here's Gwen hard at it again serving another bold customer at the RIN Stall on Friday 13th September.
There were 13 Stalls too! But that wasn't unlucky for our Gwen, the busiest stall there she was!
And making more money for RIN.

Many thanks Gwen and keep it up girl!

Gwen at the Baily Head in Oswestry



BREATHE, Yes everyone landed safely so all of us that were holding our breath
can now breathe, and all of us who are keeping our wallets closed
can now OPEN THEM!
A Very Very Big WELL DONE to Paula, Kirstie, Alistair, David and Mark.

for a job really well done!

Brave Folks!
****** All Ready To Go! ******
Suited & Booted Paula Reday
Mark & Alistair Suited & Booted <==========> Paula Ready To Go?
There you go! All Certified now?
And Cheers to you too! You so much deserve it.
Thank you so very much brave people!

The Fabulous Fantanstic Fearless Five Are:-

    Paula Morris
     Alastair Clapp
     David Gallagher (Kathy's husband )
     Kirstie Forster
     Mark Walley

You who have Jumped, we salute you!


purveyors of fine raw meat!
have sponsored one of our jumpers for £150.00
Thanks Landywood!

You can still show your appreciation to the fabulous five by donating any amount
just hit the donate button on any page.




Our sincere thanks to the British Rottweiler Association for their hospitality and help toward RIN
plus our heart felt thanks for a substantial donation to our fund.

Ann & Gwen set up stall and had a very successful show, BRA also supplied shade and home comforts
helping considerably to it' s success. We thank the organisers and committee members for the
fine consideration shown to us.
B.R.A. Show
RIN stall at B.R.A Show 2013


Dog lets cat out of bag!

Anonymous London marathon runner with a time of 5 hours and 33 minutes (try walking for that long!)
donated part of his booty to Rottweilers in need, but Ronjaneva Klaudette (Bella to her friends) decided to wear the jersey
and the medal and secretly told us it was Linzi Stones partner (agent millions) who did the running.

Well you can't blame him can you, who could compete with a face like this?

Thank You PHIL oooop's
Bella bella2

Bella Sporting Jersey and Medal.


Gwen Does it Again!

Our Gwen, not only a tireless aid to Ann, Rott foster carer and author, still finds time and energy
to run a stall in aid of RIN Funds. A glorious day in Oswestry last Frday
brought out the crowds to the Bailey Head where our intrepid Gwen, with help from Ann, opened up her
stall, offering collected and donated wares to all.
Gathering a very respectable amount of much needed cash.


Thank you very much indeed Gwen


Fast Lady Raises £340 in marathon effort!

Kelly King, owns and shows her own Rotts, decided that fitness could be achieved if she chased it, so that’s what she did, getting ready for the task building up strength and endurance
she started running.  So far she has worked up fitness to run a half marathon and as a double whammy she raised £340 cash for Rottweilers in need whilst doing it.
Well done and a big thank you Kelly, these particular funds are already allocated towards a much needed eye operation.

Kelly King


Di McCann and the Rott Club raffled a Donated picture of a Rottweiler in a gold frame. Their efforts at selling the tickets raised £145.00 for the funds.

Hip Hip Hooray. Many thanks go out for your efforts!


Mary ran her version of Tombola on both days of the two back to back Rottweiler shows at Stoneleigh. The MRC and the Rottweiler Club Championship Show.
Mary decided it was Easter, therefore Easter Eggs - albeit a superior type of egg - were the prizes. A beautiful Thorntons Egg and Two 'Chocobloc' Eggs with exotic fillings
were offered as prizes and Mary Gifted a grand total of £250 from her efforts.

Easter Eggs

It made us EGGSTATIC Mary, Thank You Very Much Indeed


Ann & Gwen had a 'day out' at Oswestry Cat Rescue's Table Top Sale (16/2/2013). They rented a 'Table Top' in aid of Rottweilers In Need and raised a few more pounds
for the dogs. Its a hard slog setting up and then at the end of a busy day, having to pack whats left up must be very tiring, Well done Ladies, and of course
Thank you very much!


Alison Meacher, the Lady of the cakes, managed the princely sum of £175. Through her baking skills
she managed to sell the cakes and donated the proceeds to Rottweilers In Need.
Thank you cakes very much Alison.
Mr J. Bond, paid a £100 in the auction for a brass moulding of a Rottweiler. He said it deserved at least a kiss and Pauline Lockyer drew the short straw.
John was seen to be polishing his teeth to make the best impression before the 'bonding' moment. Well done Pauline, we don't know if the Earth moved for you,
but did the 'SkyFall'?

The kiss
Thank you Mr Bond!

On a sombre note, it is with regret that we mark the passing of Miriam Tomlinson on Friday December 28th.
A great friend of the Rottweiler she will be sorely missed by many of us. Miriam is now with her beloved Roy.

Miriam Tomlinson 23.12.1928 - 28.12.2012

Miriam & Roy

Rest in peace lovely lady.

Donations made at the funeral were dedicated to RIN and totalled £645, the donations were collected by Miriam's very great friend Lynne Ledger.
And contributions came from many Griffon friends too, thank you all so very much!


Perhaps you managed to acquire a few extra lb's (or if you were unlucky Kg’s) over the Christmas and New Year holiday.
At RIN, We managed to acquire a few extra Rottweilers, some in desperate need. Over the next few weeks and months we will have these on our adoption page as they become 'available'.
Of course that means extra mouths to feed, more visits to our vets which leads to more expense and of course extra work.

cover of the Alternative Calendar
So we are more than grateful when we get extra ££’s for us to use. Such Funds have been raised by Page Allen. Who decided that another calendar might be useful to raise needed cash,
so she set about organising some kindly folk who wouldn't mind removing the odd pullover to pose for the odd photograph!
The time and organisation skill needed to complete such an assignment in what seemed a very short time for such a mammoth task can’t be over emphasised, especially in one so young.
So Thank You Very Much Indeed Page, and very well done!
Page Allen
Page Allen (Taken in 2011)

Our hardworking and esteemed leader has this to say…..

Some of you may know Page Allen, who is 16 years old and has grown up with and shows Rottweilers, decided to raise some funds for Rottweilers in need,
especially around Christmas time when she knows rescues are particularly busy and that there are more dogs needing help.
An alternative calendar was her idea, she phoned others from the Rottweiler show
scene to find out who could help.

Page kept everyone up to date with all the arrangements, listened to suggestions and arranged the printing, collating, and everything else that needed doing,
and she had around 180  pre-orders even before going to print. a huge sum of £1650.00 was raised from the sale
of the Showing Naked for Rottweilers In Need Calendar,
which in turn has helped more dogs arrive safely with us, and who are now in our care. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible
and of course, to Page for the idea in the first instance and for making it all possible. We are so very grateful to you. 

 Ann Evans and all at Rottweilers In Need 


Liz Dunhill and her daughter Michaella. At the Blackpool Championship Show show they towed campers and exhibitors out of the mire for a donation
to Rottweilers in need.
For their enterprise and very quick thinking they raised a very jolly sum of £100.

See, the weather did some good after all :O)



EOS Author recognised by local paper

'Celica' The author of the Children’s book EOS a puppy's tail, has been recognised by the local newspaper, the Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer,
and she has made herself available at various locations to sign and promote the book the takings for which, add to the Rottweilers In Need fundraising.

 All the proceeds from the sale of the book go to help Rottweilers In Need.
We can only express our thanks to Celica for her initiative and generosity.

copies are still available at our online shop and are all POSTAGE FREE!


Churchtown Dry Cleaners

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