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These items are sold to help pay for the care of Rottweilers in need. We do try to offer items you can only buy from us! Yes folks this is all exclusive stock,
(unless you can find it elsewhere that is)! Postage is expensive and is added on a sliding scale at the checkout unless it is a particularly heavy item
and therefore expensive for us to post. For example weather vanes. These items will have the postage costs clearly displayed for you to see.
Because the postage is so expensive we try to attend most functions and shows
where you may buy without postage or arrange to pick up your order without attracting the postage cost.

Postage for other items will show normally as a separate amount and added at the checkout.

Thank you very much.

NB: If shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Sam with your order by clicking here

if you have product that you think would enhance our shop and that we might earn a small percentage

for our funds, then please contact us.

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It's that Time of year again folks!


We won't wish you a Merry Christmas just yet! We'll save that for a month...

But Hey, its time to buy those cards again and don't forget "Yule" need a 2019 Calendar
so that you can mark off Brexit just in case you forget!


There are a couple of new items below.

Treat yourself to a nice new Beanie Hat!

And a Tote Bag...


Choose Single Or Multi Pack

This price includes postage

Price without postage
single pack £3.99 Triple Pack £10.00

A3 Calendar


Calendar £9.00 + £3.20 Postage

A4 Calendar



Calendar £6 + £1.50 postage



Jotting Pads Illustrated with 'RIN Logo'
Ring Bound Pad



Blue Belles

Jotting Pads illustrated with 'Blue Bell Wood'
Ring bound pad



Jotting Pad illustrated with 'Muddy Paws'
Ring bound pad


Jotting Pad illustraed with 'Rottweiler Pup'
Ring bound pad


6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Rehomed dogs' £3.50

Blue Belles1

6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Blue Bell wood' £3.50


6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Muddy Paws' £3.50

in words

6 Blank Cards and envelopes ' Rottweiler in words' £3.50

Square Lapel Badge. £1.50

Sorry....No Stock

Square 'Muddy Paws' Keyring


6" Car hanger

6" Square Car Hanger

Bus Card

Business card holder

All these above and adjacent items will have P&P added at the checkout on a sliding scale low as we can keep it.

Larger items below here will have the postage advised on the illustration and it will be added to the price at the checkout.






heart mirror

Heart Shape Mirror


RIN Icon


Clothing items have to be ordered in advance of sales and this puts a burden on our limited funds, which after all are for the dogs in our care. The selling is just a means to an end.

So, ideally we need any clothes order in before we actually order the item. therefore fleeces, shirts and hats will have a delivery of about 2 weeks, it might be less but we're playing safe.

We had an initial, experimental order and they have all gone. So please, continue to order but expect a short(ish) wait for the goods..

Thank you


Weather Vane


Click to see more detail and
to purchase

tailess vane

Docked weather vane


Click to see more detail and to purchase

lead holder

2 lead hanger £27

Click for details and to buy

4 lead holder

4 lead hanger £30

click for details and to buy


Wall bracket

Wall Bracket £35

Click for details and to buy

Polo shirt

Polo Shirt £15

Click to see sizes and to buy

(Two week delivery)


Fleece £35

Click for more detail and to buy

(Two week delivery)

Baseball Cap

Baseball cap £10

Click for more detail and to buy

(Two week delivery)


Beanie Hat
£10 + £1.20 P&P


Tote Bag
£7 + £1.20 P&P




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At most shows and events, we try to take our 'Stall' so you may purchase items of stock p&p free.

Check the News page for details of these events

For more information on the process of adoption then please click here.

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