Welcome to our shop,

An Apology is in order!

We have been unable to source a supplier that would fulfil our calendar
requirements and therefore we were unable to supply a 2021 calendar
we are working toward remedying this for next year, when hopefully
we won’t have the ‘dread plague’ to deal with as well.  It would be nice to
 be able to put the blame on COVID entirely but that was just a contributing factor.
So, we’re dreadful sorry!......


These items are sold to help pay for the care of Rottweilers in need. We do try to offer items you can only buy from us! Yes folks this is all exclusive stock,
(unless you can find it elsewhere that is)! Postage is expensive and is added on a sliding scale at the checkout unless it is a particularly heavy item
and therefore expensive for us to post. For example weather vanes. These items will have the postage costs clearly displayed for you to see.
Because the postage is so expensive we try to attend most functions and shows
where you may buy without postage or arrange to pick up your order without attracting the postage cost.

Postage for other items will show normally as a separate amount and added at the checkout.

Thank you very much.

NB: If shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Sam with your order by clicking here

if you have product that you think would enhance our shop and that we might earn a small percentage

for our funds, then please contact us.

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Don't miss the older stock clearance prices, they include Postage

on selected cards, mugs and car stickers...



NB: Postage and Packaging will be added at the checkout!

Keep your bits warm!



Rin Polo Shirt

Large or Medium



Please Choose Size

Keep your Head Warm


Rin Beanie Hat


Keep your shopping warm!

tote bag

Tote Bags


And of course!

Keep your Beanie dry



Rin Baseball Caps


Card price includes P&P

Recently discovered old

Christmas cards type 1

Xmas card 1

limited numbers ...first come ......

Choose Single Or Multi Pack



Blue Belles

Jotting Pads illustrated with 'Blue Bell Wood'
Ring bound pad


All Sold - Thank you

Card price includes P&P

Recently discovered old

Christmas cards type 2 are now all gone,

thank you very much...

xmas card 2


Card price includes P&P

Recently discovered old

Christmas cards type 3

xmas card 3

limited numbers ... get em quick!

Choose Single Or Multi Pack


Digital Rott

4 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Digital Rott'

£3.50 £2.00+P&P


Blue Belles1

6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Cart Ride'

£3.50£2.00 +P&P



6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Muddy Paws'

£3.50£2.00 +P&P



in words

6 Blank Cards and envelopes ' Rottweiler in words'

£3.50£2.00 +P&P


Note Pad 'Laughing'

Only £1.00+P&P

Notes 2

Note Pad 'Logo'

Only £1.00+P&P

Notes 3

Note Pad 'Pup'

Only £1.00+P&P

Notes 4


Note Pad 'Rott in Words'

Only £1.00+P&P

Group A

Mugs 'Group A'

£3.00 Each+P&P

Group B

Mugs 'Group B'

£3.00 Each+P&P

Group c

Mugs 'Group C'

£3.00 Each+P&P

Group D

Mugs 'Group D'

Group 'D' sold out. Other groups still available...

Group E

Mugs 'Group E'

Group 'E' Sold out please select another group...


Sue's Mug

'Keep Calm' Mug

Sold Out Too, but keep calm and buy another group ... (PLEASE)



All Mugs have £2.80 P&P added

automatically at the checkout

Book/Page markers

Book Marks

Thank you for your support. All sold.

This heart warming 'tail' of a new puppy has been reduced to £1.50 to clear.

Post and packing will be added at the checkout.


EOS A Pup's tale Only £3 £1.50+ P&P

to clear


6 Blank Cards and envelopes 'Orighinal RIN Logo ' £3.50£2.00 + P&P

Only very few left... 


did we say....

All Mugs have £2.80 P&P added

automatically at the checkout?



RIN Car sticker

(it is in focus honest!)

car sticker

£2.00 including postage


RIN KeyRing

Black or Red Leather

Rottweiler Head Key ring


P&P added at checkout

Red or Black Leather

heart mirror


Heart Shape Mirror

£4.00 £1.50 +P&P


6" Car hanger

6" Square Car Hanger


Only One Left!

Bus Card

Business card holder



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At most shows and events, we try to take our 'Stall' so you may purchase items of stock p&p free. (whenever we can resume!)

Check the News page for details of these events

For more information on the process of adoption then please click here.

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