Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated. So forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........


***Diary Dates 2015***

we'll put 'em here as they come in.
so keep checking for the updates

The Last Show Of the YEAR 2014! (didn't it fly by!)

club show
There was also a club Temperament Assessment.
for the web site click here.

Kim Cussans was of course there too, for
you to buy loads of Christmas pressies, stocking fillers, Calendars and Christmas cards

Thank you for your valued support


Our 2015 Calendar

 January May

now all sold out, including some of last years cards



The 28th year show was (as usual) a Great Success
and included;

The Dog of The Year Competition

A Great competition and a beautiful spectacle.

gain, their generousity ran to allowing us the space for our stand
where we sold our usual merchandise plus this years Christmas cards
and the 2015 Calendar, purchases here of course, were post free!

Thanks must go to ECRC for their usual and wonderful generousity
toward Rottweiler Charities and volunteer organisations.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to add to our much needed funds.


Wasn't October Busy?

About this time, Kim (Bless her little cotton socks) gets busy with her 'FaceTube' RIN Page,

(I know its really Facebook! if you click here, you can go there!) And she organises an auction to try to swell the funds

which of course is always welcome especially since the season of chuck your dog out

in the cold is nearly upon us!

SO:- On the 27th October, the will begin,

its called 'Rottweilers in need auction' and lovely folks can bid on items

that have been donated by other lovely folks just for this purpose!

Loads of useful, quality stuff, books, decals, brikabrak,

things specifically Rottweiler related including figurines and models, car badges books in fact

a 'bit of everything'.

If you have a 'bit of anything' you want to include for the benefit of

funds, you can join the group on FaceBook and add it in, or enter into the spirit and

AUCTION ACTION AUCTION ~ or even BUY BUY BUY~ whichever floats your boat.

And Thanks Kim xx
(if you would like any further info, please email Kim by clicking here)


Then The Marvelous....
LASER Championship show
Sunday 9th November
click here to go to the LASER site.

As Ever, we were treated like royalty at LASER
What fantastic folk attend this brilliant show,
we had the very best
of a day.
Thank you so very much to all that helped, attended and
bought the RIN products, we are truely grateful to all of you!
The raffle did very well too, the prizes donated were;
A Huge Hamper From Mary, who always donates something good
Was won by ticket number 98 (Ian Bayliss)
And 'resident chef' Jane's Scrumptious Xmas Cake
was won by ticket 5 (Olive Davison)

Mary's HamperJane's cake
And we couldn't let these two little muggers off without a mention
Ash & Fey
Ashley and Fey Formed their own Appeals on wheels duo
and raised £74 for RIN.
Well done to the Dynamic Duo


And here is the news..........

Zelda Managed to raise a huge £115
Simply by not saying anything!
A sponsored Silence she did!
Someone said her family asked how much
it would cost for a month long one!

hank you Very Much Indeed Zelda
and of course all your lovely sponsors


Sat 25th October was RIN's Annual Bash in the shape of...

Donations have been received for what we understand
was mis-use of a Father!!

Natalie Softley has gained sponsorship for an Ice-Water pour over her dear ole Dad!

We'll post a link to a video as soon as we lay our mucky little paws on it.

Not that we condone any sort of mis-use of Dad's, but if you have done - or intend

doing something you might raise money for RIN by abusing yours, Or indeed, some one else's!
Please let us know!!

STOP PRESS>>> VIDEO LINKS!! (Natalie) (Dear Ole Dad)

Mail any photos, or video links HERE Please

Just click it will bring up an email for you to use.

Di Simmons took up the 'challenge of the cheese' with Daisy

Daisy passed with flying colours AND earned £20 in donations for RIN

its a 'stay' with tempations and folks, nice folks of course, sponsor the dog, it doesn't have to be cheese,
Daisy managed to leave some juicy ham - until she was told otherwise
, cheesy wotsits
well done Daisy and thanks for the £20

you can watch the video of Daisy on drop box click here.



We went to:-
(click on the logo to go to the BRA site)
Fey&StanleyBRA 2014
Stanley being given a tug by Fey.....Gwen ...'as usual' manning the fund-raising Stand........

B.R.A. had their Championship Show at the Doberman Club Training and Showground at
Digswell on Saturday 19th of July.
What lovely people the BRA are, they looked after us like we were royalty,
many many thanks
for the space, the welcome and everything!
We had a wonderful day here and we must thank everybody that came to support us too.

Fey seemed to be enjoying pulling Stanley around in a beautiful cart skillfully renovated
by Clint Cussans.

We spent the same weekend at :-

You can see their website by clicking on the logo.

We had a good couple of days here too, again thank you for all the support.

BRA Freddie
Gwen, David and Sarah Morgan'on the stand'           ~        Ten year old Freddie greeting potential customers!
Many Thanks too to Show Dogs Freddie and Norma who graced our stand sporting those lovely neckerchiefs.

And we had welcome vistitors from the re-homing programme, you might call them ex-pats!
ex pats!Bishop
Evie & Archie came with Sue and Pat________________ and good ole' Bishop brought Zelda
E're Wos 'e doin' is 'e nickin' summat!                                                                                                         

It has been brought to out notice that Jemma Oats has again been raising money for RIN
with a companion dog show, raising over £200. We should like some detail and if possible a photo or two.
if you can help with this please email by clicking here.
Thank you very much Jemma!


Our Gwen's been at it again!
This time at the Baily Head in Oswestry at the Oswestry Charity Market on Friday 06.06.2014
Setting up and taking down the stand, unpacking and packing up after,
but it was a glorious day weather wise and she took a tidy sum toward funds too.


Many Thanks again go out to Gwen!


The (Pre-Easter) Bazaar in Oswestry
Proved again to be well worth the effort for raising funds.
The raffles alone raised £175,
thank you to everyone that bought tickets and especially to;
Zelda, Mary, Jane & Carol, they donated the prizes which
were won locally at the Oswestry Bazaar
and by show goers at the Club Show.


Left to Right, Mary, Zelda, Jane, Carol & Sarah - thank you very much for the prizes.


We've had another lovely generous donation
from Dog Of The Year organisers, Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club

click to see their site)

Not the first donation either, thank you very much.


Baa Baa Blacksheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir three bags full.
So are Gwen's bags!

Thank you for all the donations of wool,

(we will still accept any you want to part with)


We had a 'rush on' over the festive period and suddenly everything was full to overflowing.

We called for help and loads of you wonderful folk answered.

Here are the names of some of the kind folk who provided dog toys, treats, dog-beds, and dog coats,
Barbour types & duel purpose, fleecy / rainproof overcoat ones most through the 'Amazon Wish List'.
Susan Gunn, Donna Chambers, David Wright, Margaret Fordham, Di & Trevor Simmons &  Sue & Pat Reehal.
some of you wished to remain anonymous, our collective hat is tipped to you too, thank you.

Unfortunately some parcels did not identify the purchaser, so if your name is not here we would love you to contact us,
so we can thank you here too.
We are so grateful of your generosity, see Ringo smiling and Eddie playing with a donated 'Boomer Ball' below!


Donations are going to increase the well being of the Rotts in our charge, feed, warmth, and vet bills
here's 'Jimmy Mac' having had some spent on his entropian problem. The love and care come free!
JimmyM JM
JimmyMac, having been fitted with his satelite dish seemed to enjoy his new found super-power' of directional barking'!
And here is the 'New Look' Jimmy Mac he says please thank all the folk who donated to get rid of my eye irritation!
So, Thank you all those folk that donated towards Jimmy's Eye op!

He is also rehomed! (see the rehomed page)

came up with the 'Wish List for Christmas'.
It produced loads of treats for the Dogs in our care.
Ringo was so happy with his coats, he loves
his 'Barbour' it keeps the rain off his back, and his warmer
'Burns Night' coat is lovely.

Modeled By Ringo
Here's our Ringo doing his modelling bit showing off two of his coats that Santa
brought him, one via the Christmas wish list is actually thicker and a 'two in one' for even colder weather.
His Lovely Tartan Coat was donated by the Priestley Family.

boomer ballboomer 2

Eddie and a donated 'Boomer Ball' (and he still hasn't managed to pop it)!

Thanks go out to all you lovely people that chose to use the 'Wish List' as a donation route,
your generousity continues to both humble and amaze us.

The Amazon wish list was so successful we will run it again later this year.

We can't let the seasonal thank you's go without one very big enormous one to
Margaret Fordham and her wonderful clients at for very generous donations.
She is also a patron of our sponsorship scheme.
If you need somewhere for your canines to stay and Ayrshire is near
where you want them to be, this has to be your number one consideration.
Click here to go see for yourselves!

And on the subject of Kindness;
Ayrshire Dog Care - always kind - and Sarah Fisher and Tony Head raised £60
from selling wrist bands with the legend "Cool to be Kind". And - there's more! Another £25
Thank you so very much.

Thank you very much

Mary Bentley - as if she needed slimming down! has done a sponsored 'SlimAThong'
sorry, that's Slim'A'Thon in aid of RIN.
Again, details posted when we have the results....


How Much is a Christmas 'Wreath' Worth?

Well, its worth what you can get for it!

Rosemary made this one. She and Gwen decided it was worth a raffle, so they traipsed it around Oswestry
and sold raffles tickets to businesses, shops and anybody else who they could sell to, raising a grand total of
£127 for RIN.
Stirling effort girls, thank you very much indeed

If you have a fundraiser coming up and you would like us to print it here, then send details/photographs
by clicking here for the email

If you would like to see last years (2013) page, click here

(These are on-going fundraisers that keep bringing in funds and we do want to say; "Thank You Very Much"!)


EOS Author recognised by local paper

'Celica' The author of the Children’s book EOS a puppy's tail, has been recognised by the local newspaper, the Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer,
and she has made herself available at various locations to sign and promote the book the takings for which, add to the Rottweilers In Need fundraising.

 All the proceeds from the sale of the book go to help Rottweilers In Need.
We can only express our thanks to Celica for her initiative and generosity.

copies are still available at our online shop and are POSTAGE FREE!


Churchtown Dry Cleaners

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