Our Latest News
& Fundraising for 2017

Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations, no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated. So forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........

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September was lucky for D.Hoggets who won the lotto, click to see full results and
October's Rescues


Well, thanks go out to everyone that bought 'squares' for the Christmas draw
from the Oswestry Volunteers who also generously donated the prizes. They deserve a mention;
Rosemary Bennett, Jane Powell, Mary Bentley, RIN, Hobo Florists and the Heritage Centre.

The prize winners were.....
1st Prize - Wreath- winners Richard & Jane = Number 101
2nd Prize   -  Chrissie Cake - Heddwen Roberts =   Number         10
3rd Prize     -    Selection of Mini Wines - Jan Norman   Number 27
4th Prize -  Heritage Centre Tea for 2 voucher - Keith Bennett  Number  24
5th  "     - Christmas Plant  - Barry         Number   146
6th  Prize     -  2 x Hand Rolled Cigars - to be smoked by "Chopper"

And do you know? It raised £220!
Thats a lot of hard work, so its Huge thanks to all concerned.





We are so very grateful for this help

without which it would be impossible to continue.

A Very Merry Christmas to All

Clicking here will take you to our New Years card to you!

From us all at RIN


Our very Own 'Merry Berry'

Janes Cake
Jane Powell has been baking again!

This time her cakes have raised, (or is that self raised)?
a massive £171.50 for RIN.

Jane is not all that well and she has found herself in Hospital for a while.
Whilst we have every sympathy Jane, we need you out here selling tickets and baking,
and of course we are missing you too. So you had best get better soon!

Seriously though, we all wish you very well Jane, very soon.
We are all sending thoughts of 'wellness' to you...


Val Creer


We had the sad task of extending RIN's condolences to Dave Creer on the loss of his wife Val.
She was one of our breed's champions and a great friend of RIN.

Her funeral took place at Pentrebychan Crematorium in Wrexham

on Wednesday 13th December. The service was lovely.

Dave had requested that donations in her memory should go to Rottweilers in need. We would like to thank

him and of course everyone who donated towards the total £380. Toyota, Dave's employer, have added an additional £50
to the total making it £430. How considerate of them.


We must thank the Rottweiler Club who welcomed us to their open show

click the logo for the site

Held on Saturday December 2nd. Kim And Kay were in attendance for the very discerning folk
requiring to purchase the exclusive goods on our stall.....

Thank you everyone for the tremendous support, we really can't do without it.
And special thanks must go to The Rottweiler Club Committee for 'having us'.

We must also thank Jo Prowse for donating her 'Nellies Nibbles'- a Stocking full of her natural dog treats -
as a raffle prize which earned the funds the princely sum of £54...


Thank you very much Jo.

To learn more about nibbles click here


The SWRA Championship Club show

Was on Sunday 22nd October

Click on the banner to go to their web page

Our sincere thanks go to the organisers for allowing us in to sell;


This years Christmas card

left hollyAND sprig

The 2018 CALENDAR which are all sold out - Thank you!



Thank you to everyone

who supported Kim's successful Auction


Linnett Allison has been baking AGAIN and she has surpassed last years cakes sales
which she donates to RIN, her wonderful products sell like 'Hot Cakes'

together with the sales and the raffle she raised for us

So Thank you very much Linnett; and please - keep on baking!


Enjoyment abounds!

LASER is another of our more enjoyable venues;

and this year was no exception

Gwen seen enjoying practicing her sales patter on a Teddy!

A more comprehensive (and sensible) report coming soon.......

LASER 2017

and while we were at LASER.........

"Being Canine"
if you didn't know, is a 'one stop' shop for dogs.
clicking the text will take you there.

Dale McLelland is a dog behaviourist and amongst boarding, training and assessing
she does seminars, and she has done one on our behalf asking for donations to RIN rather than accepting fees


And it resulted in a donation to RIN of £210
for which we are extremly grateful;

Not Only that, Margaret Fordham of the famous Ayrshire Dog Care
(the place for your dog to holiday in Scotland!
click the text to go see)
whom we are very lucky to have as a friend of RIN,
decided to match that donation making a total of


Our sincere and very grateful thanks to you both.


Guess who had a Birthday then!!

Part time dog-in-a-box

A few friends celebrated Ann's Birthday with her. A pleasant evening

was finished off with a Birthday cake courtesy Jo & Matt Dunne-Smith from

Oswestry windows and Doors, they have a couple of RIN rescues too!


OOOO Didn't we have a good time at BRA!

And we must thank BRA for the

Year On Year Support, hospitality and permission for our stand.
And AGAIN for the very generous donation of £757.70!

BRA2017 BRA2017a

This was made up from the Donation of £400, plus the raffle proceeds of the Rottweiler Statuette £316.70
and a further raffle of members £41.00, we are so Lucky and so very proud to be associated with such a generous club.

And of course,

A big thank you to all you lovely folk that support our stand!

yumega lintbells

And we will put it to very good use, Thank you very much Sue.


Clare Lacey!

Clare organised a photo competition and it has has raised
£860 for RIN.

foto1 foto2 foto3foto4
A Huge amount for which saying thank you seems inadequate but non-the-less


Do you remember, earlier in the year Lorraine Day and the Rottweiler discusion group donated a large sum
to RIN? you can refresh your memory by clicking here. Well the group have done it again!

This time an even larger amount (£270) was donated to help the Rotts in our charge, this is
so unexpected and so very welcome and we send our heart felt thanks to the group for their consideration.

Kim Baker-Brown
has been at it again!

Kims Boot Sale

£191.07 from her now famous 'Car Boot Sale'

Thank you so very much Kim for the effort and the funds!


We need to thank Judy Goodridge....

Judy does regular photo competitions for Pet Pics Online

Meike Flintzak from Germany Won with this photo and donated the generated funds
to RIN, so £82 has found its way into the fund pot.

Thank you very much to Meike and of course, to Judy for the organisation.

Jack Russ



Kim's Latest Auction has now ended.

Thank you very much for all the support

It ran to the 12th May

and she managed to raise £1500 for RIN

Well done and loads of thanks go out to Kim, her helpers and everybody that participated

A brilliant performance AGAIN!

A new one should be up around October so watch out for it!



Jane Whittaker Runs a licenced and therefore legal lottery
for the benefit of rescued dogs. It even has a video'd draw!
lotto pic

And the result for November;
(It didn't quite make the record books with 362 tickets sold)

362 numbers sold £724
Winner was S Adams Number 436

£482.67 raised for 7 different dog rescues

So the love spreads out to cover more rescues
with Jane’s new method, looks like it works well. 

Good Job Jane!

Decembers target rescue is Many Tears Rescue;


You can watch the draw on facebook by CLICKING HERE.

What happens is a multiple of £2 is donated, and each £2 donation has a number allocated. At the end of the month
One number is randomly picked, the winning number will receive a third of the pot,
last April for instance, one third went to Rottweilers in need and the remaining third to the dog rescue that took
the most votes cast by the players. Don't forget to add your vote when you pays yer money!
The main monthly rescues chosen will alternate between Caki Bravo in Bosnia
and the different UK rescues that supply help to Caki.

From September Jane is trying another format for prize distribution where every Rescue that gets 20 votes or more
will get a pro-rata share of one third of the money. The idea is to give the less well represented rescues a chance,
an even better reason to buy a few more tickets.

Lets see if we can't get RIN up there again...

It is run solely on Facebook. (search for 'The doggy lottery' on Facebook)
SO, how do we get a piece of this action then;

1: By online bank transfer to:
Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs.
Lloyds Bank
A/c: 15835268
Sort Code: 30 98 90
NO FEES are taken from your donation if you pay this way.
2: Use PayPal and pay to rescuefordogs@btopenworld.com writing "for the dogs "
in the notes box please so that it can be allocated correctly -you may add your prefered rescue.
3:  As an over the counter payment in a Lloyds Bank branch using the details above.
4:  By setting up a monthly standing order using the details above.
5:  By cheque made out to Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs and posted to Jane Whittaker.


You can contact Jane with a PM on FB or use this email address
to let her know which is your chosen rescue or for her postal address;


Well, I'm off to do a regular payment, I might get a third of the pot
to buy something nice with or even donate it!




We had a really good time here, the draw raised £112 and Kim and Lily pulling
the famous cart loaded up a very credible £123.32 an excellent result.

Our thanks to The Midland Rott club for allowing us in.

The next Show we're at is BRA in July we'll post more detail and put up links nearer the time.

Draw prizes 1st Debbie Rowell won the wine with ticket 48

second prize, the lovely Doll was won by Nina Beach with ticket 34

third, eggs in a basket, went to 'Petra'

forth, even more eggs in a basket, Debbie Rowell with ticket 63

and last prize plastic fives, went to Jackie Powell with tickwet 30.

We hope you enjoy your prizes and a sincere thank you to all our ticket buyers.

unch o daffs


You may have heard of this particular dog show in Birmingham?


We were present as usual promoting our breed
Crufts Crufts2
This was when there were no people around!

We'll give you a write up as soon as we can.


We had a meeting......

Of friends in Oswestry, all friends of RIN of course, and we combined it with a '*@SURPRISE@*' for Jane,

well. it just happened to be her birthday too, we didn't discuss much about RIN, but we had a good time and we think Jane enjoyed it!
Jane Oz crowd

Jane trying out for 'Psycho, the remake'. And the rest of us enjoying the evening.


What do you think of when you hear 'CARIAD',

I live on the Welsh border and it is a Welsh term of endearmentand it means Love or Beloved.

But if you take it as an acronym, its used by an organisation against any cruelty to dogs including puppy farming

Care And Respect Includes All Dogs.

You can read their story here (Click the red letters)

Also click on this Logo for their charter


As a rescue organisation, we have the fallout from these puppy farms to contend with,
Cruelty, bad breeding practice and profit seem to be their only watchwords. Reading
CARIAD's account of the Carmarthenshire debacle only strengthens our resolve to be 'on side'
with the philosophy CARIAD live by.

As a group we agree with and applaud your efforts. We wish CARIAD every success.


Donations, Aren't we lucky!

Dog Of The Year 2016

Have given us the enormous amount of £1500 So a huge thank you goes to

The Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club



And the year is going very well so far for donations;  we received another princely sum of £257 from Lorraine Day
It seems last July, Lorraine and Janet have thought of a way to make small donations count even more.

In the first 18 months, they raised £5732, no small feat! Several groups as well as RIN have benefitted from this.
If you would like to be part of this worthwhile effort, contact Lorraine on Facebook...
This is what Lorrain had to say..

"The donation scheme was set up by Janet & myself within the Rottweiler Discussion group.
The idea was to hopefully have lots of people donating a small amount such as £1 a month which on its own
wouldn't be much, but collectively would amount to a decent donation to rescue each month.
Since starting in July 2015 we have managed to raise £5,732 which has been donated to a different rescue each month.
Mostly Rottweiler rescues but also a few all breed rescues who have taken in a Rottie needing help.
I sincerely hope to continue and have more people join the scheme".

Lorraine Day

Thank You & well done for a Good Job !


The items here are on-going fundraisers that keep bringing in funds
and we do want to say: "Thank You Very Much"!

Don't forget to visit our facebook page!
(just click here)

Thank you for all the donations of wool.
Please keep them coming, it keeps our Gwen supplied ewe know.

And Yet Again!
A huge thank you to Wendy and Mark McGuire of Churchtown Dry Cleaners
for their continued support. Their collection box continues to bring in a much needed and steady income. Please keep up this excellent work!

The Fox Inn

Two Pubs is Oswestry have boxes for donations to RIN on the bar, so if you fancy a quick pint while you are donating, drop in at the Fox on church Street, or the Butcher's Arm's on Willow street. Food available too!

Butchers Arms

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