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We have been unable to source a supplier that would fulfil our calendar
requirements and therefore we were unable to supply a 2021 calendar.
We are working toward remedying this for next year, when hopefully
we won’t have the ‘dread plague’ to deal with as well.  It would be nice to
 be able to put the blame on COVID entirely but that was just a contributing factor.
So, we’re dreadful sorry!.......

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Click the logo or use the 'Q' code to go to our Facebook pages,

all run by our wonderful volunteers.


Our Latest News




*The 'pot' cleared £5K in January* logo xmjas& Fundraising for 2021logo xmjas

Please scroll down to see all the current news and upcoming events.

Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations, no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated. So forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........

If you want to see the News page for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019 or last year
please scroll to the bottom of this page for the links
to those pages.


Alfred Lord Tennyson's words seem apt;

"Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

whispering, it will be happier".

All of us from RIN wish for you what you wish for yourselves, and

send thanks for all the help and support we have been given over the last

couple of troubling and traumatic years.

Here's to hope for the future to us all....

The Best and Happiest New Year

logo xmjas TO ONE AND ALL logo xmjas

For last months Doggie Lottery Results and how to play click here...

This is helping to keep some funds flowing, we're all getting a bit 'short'

so, only if you are able to, please help....

January went over £5K - £5178. Giving the first ticket a great £1553.40 Yey!


We have received another gift from the Rottweiler Discussion Group,

so you won't mind if we send them a very special virtual HUG to say


Huge thanks and Virtual Hugs also go to; Jane Powell for raising £400,

which she divided between RIN and Leukaemia UK in memory of Ann.

To Andy Bashford for £200 donation and Joanne Brookes for a most welcome £50.

Sincere thanks to you all, stay safe and stay well.

Rottweilers are 99.9999% safe from COVID-19

so stick closeto a Rottweiler!!

logo xmjas


We want everybody to stay safe and well, so keep your distance!

We hope you are managing to get out with your dogs.



The very best for a very Happy 2021


Much needed funds have been added to AGAIN by the Rottweiler Discussion group, via Lorraine Day

And we are so grateful and thankful for another £322 to go towards looking after our charges.

These regular donations are so welcome and needed. While we are on the subject of thanks and donations,

have you checked out the doggie lottery recently? Jane Whittaker is still working so hard

compiling the results and distributing the received funds. Last Month saw her collecting £3470

which gave a first prize of £1145.10 go to J Furber on ticket numbered 1186: Which of course means

twice that amount went to various rescues.

Its an easy job to buy yourself a ticket just click here for a shortcut,

and your luck might well be in for prize in excess of £1000!


NB: I have just added up what Jane has collected and donated since the inception of her brilliant idea,

which was back in September 2016. This wonderful lady is responsible for donations of very nearly

£60,000 (£59235)

for animal, (mostly dog) rescues being that much more able to look after their rescues.

I am moved to clap for her for about an hour!!!

Well Done Jane!

What I failed to mention, and in retrospect I definitely should have, is that the £60K was what was given

and didn't include the prizes. So in fact, the total that Jane has collected is nearer to




There is a pet shop in Morecambe

on, 'Yorkshire Street', a proper named street!

Its Run by one Ray Headingly and his family. For the past five or six years they have sent regular donations to RIN

and no mean amounts, so we should very much like to thank "Wagtails Pets" of the said Yorkshire Street for all the help

and support happily given, clicking on the red text will take you to the web site. Ray sells 'just about anything for dogs, cats

and other pets'. There is also a grooming department, Wagtails Grooming,

which has been doing it's thing for over 30 years - so it must be good!

Thank you very much Ray & Tricia.

( See bottom of the page click here.. )


WOW AND WOW AGAIN!!! Nay, Thrice WOW I say! (Thats Three Times).

Thanks to the stirling efforts of Sharon & Mike

£1000.00 Has been raised for Ordy.

The auction was kicked off at short notice

and Sharon's chasing about, collecting,

distributing and posting in a very short period has done its job

WONDERFULLY. Well done that lady!

Thank you all so very much for your contributions,

donations and bids.


I Hate this bit, but it needs doing.

We have had many donations in memory of a great supporter of Rottweilers,

Debbie Rowell

Debbie Rowell

Thank you for your thoughts for Debbie.

We will continue to honour her memory.


That Page Allen...

She's been getting all light headed and boldly going

ahead with her donations again, (sorry couldn't resist)

this time she's donated that lovely head of hair and

we got £600 for it ! Yes she's had it cut nearly to the bone...

'Hair Raising'

Page  Page

Thank you for the photo, Page!!

Thank you very much indeed for the hair!


Thank you seems a little inadequate at the moment

but we really do need to say Thank You Very much to

some folks.

Thank you to all those of you who are continuing to keep us going

with those 'oh so wonderful' monthly contributions

to the welfare of the dogs,

we still have to look after them during lockdown.


We just would simply not survive without your very generous help.


For which we are really most grateful,

they came from the Rottweiler Discussion group via Lorraine Day, who regularily donate much needed

and very well received monies, AGAIN for June, wonderfully generous thank you so very much!

and from David Floate of cheetah who matched a donation of the same amount from BRA

Both have donated a very hansome gift of £400, and over £200 from the Rottweiler discussion group

We thank them very much!


Our gratitude has to go out to all the NHS folk and key workers, I would like to extend it to

folk like Sue, Tammany, Joyce and all the volunteers the country - even the world - over for still caring enough

to carry on working, sometimes in isolation, looking after animals of all types, but especially dogs!

The unseen like Jane Whittaker still caring enough to continue working the Doggy Lottery, and

there are loads of people slogging away, usually un-thanked and underappreciated.

If you can spare a couple of pounds to donate to one of the charities - please do so, there is a huge need

at this time. Have a go at the doggy lottery, who knows, you might even win a few quid?


We are so very grateful to the kindest of people who are still donating via monthly contributions.

We understand completely those of you who have had to tighten your belts and cancel, but

please know, we are very very grateful for past donations and hope when this is all over you can

reinstate the really necessary and appreciated donations that we are so dependent on.

But whatever you do: -



We have received a donation from the Rottweiler Discussion group via Lorrain Day, of £114.

This was part of the proceeds from a Raffle for a break in a holiday cottage, our sympathy lies with the winner

who will be unable to claim the prize for a while at least!


Update on Bella!

Another thank you to Gill, here is her update:-

Gill has now had Bella “Fostered” for some 18 months and under her guidance Bella has developed from a frightened, scared of her own shadow and very limited activity dog, to a Rottweiler that happily steals fresh baked apple pie from the fridge!
In an effort to curb these roguish nocturnal activities, her nights have been spent in the safety of her crate. And the fridge door re-enforced with a leaning chair!
Other traits that have also emerged are,  a liking for cushions and their covers, these should not be on furniture but in a much more comfortable place – the floor, she also has an unfortunate taste for the toes in Gills Boots, Gill has decided leaving shoes/ boots unattended and in reach is something that no longer happens.  Oh! and she also learned how. to open her crate door – Hey Gill have you tried a padlock!!!
Gill Reports:-
Her wanderlust has also made a worrying comeback, disappearing became the norm for her, although she always came home.  We had to leave the house during one of her jaunts and we were really worried about doing so, but it had to be done, on our return she was sunning herself on the lawn very perturbed at not being able to get in the house!
She has acres to roam, all agricultural, although there are livestock in some areas, fortunately she is still scared by them and will not approach.  This is known to the famer and he knows she will not interfere with any of his stock.
She pokes about in all the hedgerows and with the recent wet spell, She was coming back caked in mud and needing a bath.  We eventually found every bolt hole in the fencing, only to find Bella has mastered jumping from a standstill over fencing – including the barbed wire.  A friend told us of one of their Rottweiler bitches that was also an escapologist, but an electric fence put paid to the ‘great escape’.  We have a fencer for the sheep, so it got deployed!  On her first encounter, the tick from the battery box seemed to remind her exactly what it was and she kept her distance, but out of earshot of the ‘click’, and she attempted a jump, but the fence made her squeal – no persuasion was needed for her to come into the house.
Now we have a completely different dog, her eyes have a different look as can be seen in the photos, she comes when she is called and has really started to respond to us.  She will still flinch to an unexpected hand lift, or a newspaper page being noisily turned.  It will take a long time – if ever- for her to forget her past trauma, but she is at last enjoying her new life and she is actually a pleasure to have around.

Bella Bella1
Gill has promised to keep us updated on her (Huh Hum……..)“Fostered Rottweiler”



Bargains Abound in the shop!! More Mugs and more reductions


Objets Chien! (sorry!)

deliveries may be delayed!!


We are also saying a very big thank you

to Eastern Counties Rottweilers.

East Counties logo

A Large donation of over £2000 has been received for the care of our charges,

so to Keith Robinson and all the members


And I do apologise for the earlier mix up, inadvertently I credited the donation to South West Rotts

I had an attack of the Gremlin Virus and I probably need isolating!!


That Jane Powell has been at it again!

Apparently, at her recent Birthday, she managed - by an undisclosed method/s -

to raise Over £1000!!!

So what does a RIN volunteer do with such a princely amount? She divided it between

Leukaemia UK - in memory of Ann and in gratitude for her her own successful treatment - and Rottweilers in need.

What a great lady!

(Clicking the red text will take you to Leukaemia uk's website)

RIN became a happy and happy, and proud beneficiary of £504.

Thank you very much Jane, here's to the next Birthday!!!


The Great R I N Auction


Our Lovely Sharon Davis has taken on the mantle of.......

"The Auction Queen"

We are always happy to take any items you feel we can auction

Just let us know and we will try to arrange pick up.



JANUARY LOTTO! was a near record prize fund of over £5K

Jane Whittaker Runs a licenced, and therefore legal, lottery.
It's for the benefit of rescued dogs. It even has a video'd draw!


The second Game of 2021 is here!

Be Lucky with a 2021 February lottery!


it cleared £5K last month!


Well, we can dream for another one, but dare we try for £6K!!

just to give Jane another headache.....

Lets try for £5K again and lets keep nominating RIN and push a prize in RIN's direction,

so don't forget to mark it for RIN on your entry.

And the result for January 2021: The number one draw of the year was... (HUGE DRUM ROLL)

a total prize of £5178 !!!

Funds are awful short for folk to donate to rescues, but we keep hoping!...
The single winner of 30% of the total take was T. Clifford with ticket number 1164.

the ticket netted 30% of the whole which gave a very useful first prize of £1553.40.

That was at 30% of the whole prize money, the other 70%; £3624.60 went to

The rescue of the month £1294.50,

and 27 other shelters and rescues shared £2330.10

Such a huge amount of work in distribution for Jane.

The Named Kennel for February 2021 that will be getting a 25% cut of the total is:-

dec 2020


Let's Keep this fund raising going PLEASE!

Buy a ticket - or two- knowing you have helped loads of animals,

the First Prize, 30% of the total prize - how's that for a lockdown bonus?


You can watch the draw on facebook by CLICKING HERE.

What happens is a multiple of £2 is donated, and each £2 donation has a number allocated.

At the end of the month, one winning number is randomly picked and will receive 30% of the pot,
The prizes are split like this: The first (the ticket) now takes 30%, 25% goes to the rescue of the month.
The remaining 45% split between shelters and rescues getting more than 30 votes.
Don't forget to add your vote when you pays yer money!
The main monthly rescues chosen will alternate between Caki Bravo in Bosnia
and the different rescues that supply help.

The idea is to give the less well represented rescues a chance,
an even better reason to buy a few more tickets!

Lets see if we can't get RIN up there again...


It is run solely on Facebook. (search for 'The doggy lottery' on Facebook)
SO, how do you get a piece of this action then?

1: By online bank transfer to:
Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs.
Lloyds Bank
A/c: 15835268
Sort Code: 30 98 90
NO FEES are taken from your donation if you pay this way.
2: Use PayPal and pay to rescuefordogs@btopenworld.com writing "for the dogs "
in the notes box please, so that it can be allocated correctly -you may add your prefered rescue.
3:  As an over the counter payment in a Lloyds Bank branch using the details above.
4:  By setting up a monthly standing order using the details above.
5:  By cheque made out to Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs and posted to Jane Whittaker.


You can contact Jane with a PM on FB or use this email address
to let her know which is your chosen rescue or for her postal address;


Well, I'm off to do a regular payment, I might get a third of the pot
to buy something nice with or even donate it!

We, the Dogs AND the Gulls Thank you for a Good Job Jane!

Jane is also making face masks to raise doggy funds!!



The items here are on-going fundraisers that keep bringing in funds
and we do want to say: "Thank You Very Much"!

Don't forget to visit our facebook page!
(just click here)

Thank you for all the donations for our draws and tombolas.
Please keep them coming, it keeps our stand supplied ewe know. We can take them from you at shows too!


For everything, pet!!

(do you see what I did there? - Pet??)

73 Yorkshire Street Morecambe LA3 1QF

Click on the Red Text to go to the web site...


The Fox Inn

Two Pubs is Oswestry have boxes for donations to RIN on the bar, so if you fancy a quick pint while you are donating, drop in at the Fox on church Street, or the Butcher's Arm's on Willow street. Food available too!

Butchers Arms

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