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Welcome to our

News & Fundraising Page 2022.

Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations, no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated.
So forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........
If you would be so kind as to add to any donation, where your preference lies,
whether for instance, it is for a specific dog or cause, or a general donation.
It would help us to make sure your wishes are carried out.

If you want to see the News page for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020 or last year
please scroll to the bottom of this page for the links to those pages.


Thanks again go out to our anonymous donor for an excellent £271 toward our funds

A very Merry and Happy Christmas to you sir!





+++ STOP PRESS +++holly

Calendars now at last, are being delivered.

please order now if you haven't already done so.

Mine arrived on Christmas eve so they have been posted.holly


have had multiple excuses for non-delivery.

They are now filtering through.

Last year they did a very good job on our behalf.holly






Our own Jane Powell has been doing herholly

thing, a Christmas bake

and she has raised the sizzling sum of


Donated to the care of our dogs at RIN and in memory of Ann.

Thank you so much Jane, and we are

really glad to see you have recovered.

I will just copy her words here...holly

"Could you give our dogs a bone ?
We would be really grateful if anyone would like to buy any bones, meals or treats for our rescues to help keep them occupied while in kennels.
If you go to Raw Made Simple Website below and place your order as click and collect- there is no minimum order,

no delivery charge and the fantastic people there will deliver them straight to us.
Just make sure you put Rottweilers In Need as the name on the order form so they know it’s for us and leave your name and message in the comment box.
Thank you so very much…"

just click anywhere in the text to go to the Raw Made Simple site.

wreathVinney has found his Forever Home!wreath

and he is there for Christmas


Well, that has made my Christmas!


Oh My Christmas!

The Doggy Lottery has broken the £7K barrier

with a record pot of £7834!!!

Come on lets smash another record in




Yet another donation from the Rottweiler Discussion Group has been received into our funds allowing us to

continue our work. This time a wonderful £333.

The continued support from this group is very gratefully received.

Thank you so very much....



A £50 donation in Mary McPhail's memory has come in from The North Of England Rottweiler Club

We send our most sincere thanks to NOERC.


Its nice to get updates occasionally, there are new dogs for adoption on their page.

But here are some interesting photo's from Tammany.

I am in awe of her work for the dogs in her care and pleased she has found

the time to send in photo's of the new dogs and some Lovely Volunteers.

Many, Many thanks go out to them, they are mostly unseen but so needed.

Lovely Volunteers

Danny - Orla - Dave - Sheila.

Morre Voilunteers

Kay, Jackie & Orla

At the Vets Gettiing to know you!

Learning to love and getting to know the Vet:

Please take the time to see 'Skinny Minnie's' new photo on 'the dogs' page.


Donations from a Mr Anon are very gratefully received, and it's not the first one either.. Thank you so very much

(Whoever you are ! )


One of the Rottweilers Greatest authorities has sadly passed away.

Mary Macphail.


RIN Extends the greatest sympathy to family and friends.

I met Mary back in the early seventies when looking for my first Rottweiler,

we travelled to Hook to meet Mary and her dogs and she set us off on the right foot

for which I was then and still am now, very grateful.

Chris Window has published an obituary in

our dogs

which you can read here.


June Knox & Joan Adams have donated £50 to RIN from their kennel

Akenfield & Torrenta in memory of Mary and her contribution to our favourite breed.

Mary's books are still available and still vital.


The Rottweiler Discussion Group has donated a

Very gratefully received £315.

These donations from the group are so very needed and helpful

and we can't tell you how much they mean to us

Thank you seems inadequate for your generosity but.....


and it's so very nice to be able to start the year off by saying so!


Thank you to Jane Powell, another delicious Christmas bake

resulting in another healthy donation to RIN.


Thank You (again) Mary Bently for another generous donation.

We must also thank Mr & Mrs Chamberlain, they have donated in memory of 'Kiera'

And the Rottweiler discussion group have been discussing again! and RIN has

Benefitted with a good-sized donation.

Pauline Griffith, Thank you for raising even more funds and for the

£444 Christmas present to RIN which is  very well received.


facetube   Q Code

Click the logo or use the 'QR' code to go to our Facebook pages,

all run by our wonderful volunteers.


This QR code will take you directly to our donation link on PayPal

Please, if you can, Use it - LOTS!

logo xmjas

Our Latest News

& Fundraising for 2022

Please scroll down to see all the current news and upcoming events.


Autumn Jabs are due and there is

Still no sign of that fat lady singing yet!

But Yet Another new varient cometh just for Christmas


Hang on to your masks and keep your distance!!

you know it makes sense....


Our gratitude has to go out to all the NHS folk and key workers, I would like to extend that to

folk like Sue, Tammany, Joyce and all the volunteers the country - even the world - over for still caring enough

to carry on working, sometimes in isolation, looking after animals of all types, but especially dogs!

The unseen like Jane Whittaker still caring enough to continue working the Doggy Lottery, and

there are loads of people slogging away, usually un-thanked and underappreciated.

If you can spare a couple of pounds to donate to one of the charities - please do so, there is a huge need

at this time. Have a go at the doggy lottery, who knows, you might even win a few quid?


We are so very grateful to the kindest of people who are still donating via monthly contributions.

We understand completely those of you who have had to tighten your belts and cancel, but

please know, we are very very grateful for past donations and hope when this is all over you can

reinstate the really necessary and appreciated donations that we are so dependent on.

But whatever you do: -




You never know, if you were to win you might be able to afford your fuel bills!


Where 10% of their pot is for 'ADMIN'

And it's not Jane's Lottery, she takes NOTHING~ZILCH!

Jane Whittaker Runs this licenced, and therefore legal, lottery.
It's for the benefit of rescued dogs. It even has a video'd draw!


You can only be Lucky with a 2022 December lottery if you PLAY!

keep nominating RIN on your ticket and push a prize in RIN's direction,

so don't forget to mark it for RIN on your entry.

November was

A total fund of £7834 !

Its creeping up... watch out Mr Winalot Camelot!

£2 a ticket and £1K prize.


for December??

November's Winners were J Calladine and L Shuttleworth


Funds are awful short for folk to donate to rescues,

but we keep hoping you can still have a go!...

The remainder after the top prizes went

to the nominated rescues so...Thank You Very Much!

The Named Kennel for November 2022 is:-

Bark Art

And can we have a round of very heavy applause for Jane!

Thanks again Jane on behalf of All the rescues you've helped...

The work involved must take her hours and all for free!

Plus, she is still collecting and sending TONS of food to the needy Dogs.


So a very sincere THANK YOU Jane!


Let's Keep this fund raising going PLEASE!

Buy a ticket - or two- knowing you have helped loads of animals,

the Prizes come out of the total collected and everything else goes to rescues.

You can watch the draw on facebook by CLICKING HERE.

(only available during the draw)

What happens is a multiple of £2 is donated, and each £2 donation has a number allocated.

At the end of the month, one winning number is randomly picked and will receive 25% of the pot,
The prizes are split like this: The first (the ticket) now takes 25%, 25% goes to the rescue of the month.
The remaining 50% split between shelters and rescues getting more than 30 votes.
Don't forget to add your vote when you pays yer money!
The main monthly rescues chosen will alternate between Caki Bravo in Bosnia
and the different rescues that supply help.

The idea is to give the less well represented rescues a chance,
an even better reason to buy a few more tickets!

Lets see if we can't get RIN up there again...

don't forget to mark your entry for RIN.


It is run solely on Facebook. (search for 'The doggy lottery' on Facebook)
SO, how do you get a piece of this action then?

1: By online bank transfer to:
Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs.
Lloyds Bank
A/c: 15835268
Sort Code: 30 98 90
NO FEES are taken from your donation if you pay this way.
2: Use PayPal and pay to rescuefordogs@btopenworld.com writing "for the dogs "
in the notes box please, so that it can be allocated correctly -you may add your prefered rescue.
3:  As an over the counter payment in a Lloyds Bank branch using the details above.
4:  By setting up a monthly standing order using the details above.
5:  By cheque made out to Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs and posted to Jane Whittaker.


You can contact Jane with a PM on FB or use this email address
to let her know which is your chosen rescue or for her postal address;


Well, I'm off to do a regular payment, I might get a lump of the pot
to buy something nice with or even donate it!

We Thank you for a Good Job Jane!

Don't forget to visit our facebook page!
(just click here)
Thank you for all the donations for our draws and tombolas.
Please keep them coming, it keeps our stand supplied ewe know. We can take them from you at shows too!


For everything, pet!!

73 Yorkshire Street Morecambe LA3 1QF

Click on the Red Text to go to the web site...



Two Pubs is Oswestry have boxes for donations to RIN on the bar, so if you fancy a quick pint while you are donating, drop in at the Fox on church Street, or the Butcher's Arm's on Willow street. Food available too!



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