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Welcome to our

News & Fundraising Page 2023.

Our Latest News

Please scroll down to see all the current news and upcoming events.

Thank you's must go out for donations, many of whom slip through the net
and we don't get to thank you personally through this medium.
Your donations, no matter how they are presented and of whatever size,
are so very much appreciated.
So forgive us if we didn't single you out,
but some of you we have managed to catch........
If you would be so kind as to add to any donation, where your preference lies,
whether for instance, it is for a specific dog or cause, or a general donation.
It would help us to make sure your wishes are carried out.

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facetube   Q Code

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all run by our wonderful volunteers.


This QR code will take you directly to our donation link on PayPal

Please, if you can, Use it - LOTS!


Calendars are NOW available

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£10 + p&p

ALL profits go to the welfare of the dogs in our care

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Jaa Dec May

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We have received a substantial donation from the Estate of the late Peter and Joyce Radley their kennel was Intisari. 

Both Joyce and Peter were very involved with Rottweilers for many years and

founder members of the Rottweiler Club with the Elsons et al.

many of you will remember their Champion Castor.

They were judges for various breeds, their love of dogs showing through in the way they carried out the task.  

Always personable, Always professional.

We lost Joyce back in 2015 and Peter recently.  I remember Joyce's funeral raised a

handsome sum in donations for RIN. 

Their estate bequeathed to RIN £5000, which is very gratefully received and will be put to good use.

Rest in Peace both.
From All The Staff at RIN.


NEW DOGS,Videos and some pics on the adoption page.


On our in 'loving memory' page is a recent entry for 'Dennis'.

Dennis's 'Dad' Damian, decided a fitting tribute for his best mate Dennis, was to add

Dennis to his facebook page and ask for any donations in his memory to go to a fund which would be

Donated to RIN in Dennis's memory.

Well, that was a resounding success, and we owe thanks to Damian for thinking of us and to

all who donated around £900 (TBC) in Dennis's memory.


Thanks Dennis!!


It is always sad to say goodbye to a friend.

Felicity Pacey passed away on the 9th of June and bequeathed

a sum from her estate be donated to Rotttweilers in Need

for the care of our charges. We are very grateful.

Rest in Peace Fliss!


The Rottweiler Discussion Group

Has donated another gratefully received


Thank you to Lorraine and the group - AGAIN!


Not to forget, Many thanks to Gwen's favourite Oswestry Diner


raising a very nice £42.77 in their 'RIN donation Tin'


We've been to BRA Championship show.

which went very well!


There was an Auction and a Bits & Book sale

which raised a very useful


Many thanks to Les & Caroline Cocks for their bid winning the Midland Champions Book

and to Maria Tomlinson for her bid for the Rottweiler Quarterly Magazine.

Thanks to the wonderful BRA committee for allowing us to be present.

And Tammany for "Doing it"

Books  books



Appreciative Salutations

We have received a very generous donation of £750 from Carolyn Cowan who runs a very popular,

professional and award winning dog photography studio in Scotland.

We should like very much to say THANK YOU!


clicking this logo will take you to her site

Tammany has been busy (as always) and some rescues have been fortunate

and gone directly to their forever homes - without touching the sides - as it were!

You can see some of them on the 'Rottweilers looking for homes' page.



Kermit has responded well to treatment.

Thank you so much for your donations,

Kermit sends a rather large Thank you

for all the help.


I'm Looking and feeling really good. So, thank you everybody!

(July and he is ready for adoption...)


Well.... Kermits all fixed up - but of course the Dogs keep coming,

The name on her Chip is Cassie, a young girl in a pound

sick with Pyometria and near the end of her stay. Sorry but there is a disturbing photo of her on a 'POLE'.

But she has been rescued and been operated on thanks to Cathy Holding. We have taken her on board

But of course - ongoing vet bills will require paying for.

So if you can manage, pleased donate, naming it for Cassie

Pole capture pole 2

More info on the adoptions page


KC & Karly


Meet two of our rescues; Karly & KC

BEST POSSIBLE NEWS! Karly and KC are rehomed together, KC went early,

Karly is at present still with Tammany, she needed to be speyed before adoption

which Tammany has sorted, but Monday see's her and KC reunited in a nice new forever home.

All Thanks to your Donations, we just can't do this without your support.


Karly recovering from her 'Op' today 9/6/23


And the pair of them in their new home June 23.




Tammany has been busy putting together a list on AMAZON in answer to loads of questions about - "what else can we help with"

What happens is you click on the link and it takes you to Tammanys list of items you can buy and donate directly to RIN,

the item chosen will come directly to Tammany with no other involvement by you other than payment,

we will get the item and a note about who donated it.

Just click on the box below to be magically transported to Amazon....


This is now working as it should, (Many Thanks Amazon).

However, if it's not working for you please let us know.

RIN Sends thanks for the donation....


Gone to their forevcer homes!

RubyHondo Rooronnie

Ruby and her new bestie, Hondo, Roo and Ronnie and Bert is a maybe.....


We have been presented with some extra challenges.

Three abused Rotts in a house that was actually boarded up by the council with

the dogs inside! The owners having been evicted.

We managed to get two of them into our care.


Another couple of dogs have come to our notice, this time just neglect over time

but being asked to accomodate them by the owner due to his failing health .

Obviously not wanting to lose them, but simply no longer able to cope.

So, again we have severely scarred and traumatised dogs to cope with and

hopefully to gain their trust and have them ready to be permanently rehomed..


But I guess thats what we're here for, and ONLY with your help - can we continue.





Something not to be missed!



The Rottweiler discussion group is helping to keep us in the black

with yet another very welcome Donation, this time £282.

Thank you to the whole group.

We at RIN are really grateful for your brilliant help.

click anywhere in the text to go to the Groups Facebook page



Barry Clark

It is with great sadness that we need to mark the passing of Barry Clark

from Dortmund Rottweilers. It is so sad that another great champion of the breed

and perfect Gent is no longer with us.

Barry, you will be greatly missed.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to Carole and Barry's family

We have had donations to RIN in Barry's memory.


I must apologise for my earlier typo which stated a much lesser amount (That is an OOOOOPS)!

We have received a much needed and very welcome donation of £333.33 from:


clicking the logo will take you to the BRSDC web page

Our gratitude to all those that donated through the club.

Thank You Very Much Indeed, from all of the RIN team.


Some of Our Charges...


Famous Groupies....


session session1

Training sessions.


Our own Jane Powell has been doing her thing, a Christmas bake

and she has raised the sizzling sum of £250.

Donated to the care of our dogs at RIN and in memory of Ann.

Thank you so much Jane.



We are a little sparse on news at the moment anything you would like to bring

to our attention? Please write in to the webmaster (Click the red writing)

(Rottweiler associated please)


Vinney has found his Forever Home!

and he is there for Christmas


That made my Christmas!


We are so very grateful to the kindest of people who are still donating via monthly contributions.

We understand completely those of you who have had to tighten your belts and cancel, but

please know, we are very very grateful for past donations and hope when this is all over you can

reinstate the really necessary and appreciated regular donations that we are so dependent on.

But whatever you do: -




The doggy lotto has again done itself very proud

with an October prize fund of £6986


1st prize was a gifted number - number 2366 - so £1000 went to a Rescue in the UK YAY!!,

2nd prize of £746.50 was won by R. Oakes with ticket number 2341

75% of the £6986 went to animals in need as usual.

Well Done Jane!

Have a lucky NOVEMBER and play

The Named Kennel for OCTOBER 2023 is:-


You know resistance is futile!


Where 10% of their pot is for 'ADMIN'

And it's not Jane's Lottery, she takes NOTHING~ZILCH!

Jane Whittaker Runs this licenced, and therefore legal, lottery, with helper Kay.
It's for the benefit of rescued dogs. It even has a videoed draw!


'You Gots To Be InIt To Win It'

Don't forget to mark it for RIN on your entry.

For full prize breakdown go to Jane's pages


Funds are awful short for folk to donate to rescues,

but we keep hoping you can still have a go!...

Thank You Very Much!

Thanks again to Jane & Kay on behalf of All the rescues you've helped...

The work involved must take her hours and all for free!

Plus, Jane is still collecting and sending TONS of food to the needy Dogs.

Jane is also championing the Neuter & Spay campaign to help prevent these strays.


If you don't vote for a specific rescue on your form, that money will now go to this cause, before it would have been divided amongst the

other named rescues.


So a very sincere THANK YOU Jane!


Let's Keep this fund raising going PLEASE!

Buy a ticket - or two- knowing you have helped loads of animals,

the Prizes come out of the total collected and everything else goes to rescues.

You can watch the draw on facebook by CLICKING HERE.

(only available during the draw)

What happens is a multiple of £2 is donated, and each £2 donation has a number allocated.

Don't forget to add your vote when you pays yer money!
The main monthly rescues chosen will alternate between Caki Bravo in Bosnia
and the different rescues that supply help.

The idea is to give the less well represented rescues a chance,
an even better reason to buy a few more tickets!

Lets see if we can't get RIN up there again...

don't forget to mark your entry for RIN.


It is run solely on Facebook. (search for 'The doggy lottery' on Facebook)
SO, how do you get a piece of this action then?

1: By online bank transfer to:
Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs.
Lloyds Bank
A/c: 15835268
Sort Code: 30 98 90
NO FEES are taken from your donation if you pay this way.

2:  As an over the counter payment in a Lloyds Bank branch using the details above.
3:  By setting up a monthly standing order using the details above.
4:  By cheque made out to Rescue, Rehab & Rehome for Dogs and posted to Jane Whittaker.


You can contact Jane with a PM on FB or use this email address
to let her know which is your chosen rescue or for her postal address;


Well, I'm off to do a regular payment, I might get a lump of the pot
to buy something nice with or even donate it!

We Thank you for a Good Job Jane!

Don't forget to visit our facebook page!
(just click here)
Thank you for all the donations for our draws and tombolas.
Please keep them coming, it keeps our stand supplied ewe know. We can take them from you at shows too!


For everything, pet!!

73 Yorkshire Street Morecambe LA3 1QF

Click on the Red Text to go to the web site...



Two Pubs is Oswestry have boxes for donations to RIN on the bar, so if you fancy a quick pint while you are donating, drop in at the Fox on church Street, or the Butcher's Arm's on Willow street. Food available too!


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